Belgium Unicornmodels Belgium
1/35 Figures

Australia BNA Model World
1/35 Figures

United Kingdom

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Game Miniatures

Miniature Park 
5-5-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan
1/35, 1/32,1/24 Figures, Game Miniatures

Tokyo Sakatsu Gallery
3-25-13, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
1/32 Figures and Mascot game miniatures

Tokyo Yellow Submarine Shinjyuku Game Shop
Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo
Game Miniatures

Osaka Hobby Land Shop
1/35 Figures

Tokyo Volks Akihabara
Game Miniatures

Tokyo Volks Akihabara in Radiokaikan
Game Miniatures, 1/35 Figures

Osaka City Volks Osaka
Game Miniatures, 1/35 Figures

Yokohama City
Volks Yokohama
Game Miniatures, 1/35 Figures

Utunomiya City
Volks Utunomiya
Game Miniatures, 1/35 Figures

Nagoya City
Volks Nagoya
Game Miniatures 

Finisher`s & Auto Modeli G.T
1/24 Figures

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Aurora Model
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